Connecting and Empowering Communities

We Are Boston’s Waterfront is a grassroots advocacy organization working to put into action the objectives of Imagine Boston’s Waterfront visioning process by advocating for planning and development that promotes greater: stewardship, access, and climate-resiliency. We are made up of residents, business owners, and community activists. 


The future of Boston’s beloved waterfront is at risk because of continued piecemeal development that fails to take into consideration the long-term implications of planning and climate change. In the absence of a coordinated waterfront plan, the future of too many waterfront neighborhoods depends on the whims of developers. The current approach of sacrificing parcels along Boston’s waterfront to the highest bidder without adherence to a long-term vision is creating an incoherent and undesirable mess, rather than a great public realm serving all Bostonians.


We Are Boston’s Waterfront will provide concerned waterfront neighbors with the tools they need to promote and advocate for more comprehensive, long-term waterfront vision. We Are Boston’s Waterfront will support waterfront neighbors in addressing issues of stewardship, access, and climate-resiliency. As uncoordinated development proposals continue to move forward on the water’s edge, now is the time for neighborhoods to band together.